Faculty of Science Mission

The Faculty's mission is to actively participate in the development of the town of Split, region and the Republic of Croatia, and to stimulate that development by organising scientific-research and educational activities in the area of biology, physics, computer science, chemistry, mathematics and polytechnics. The Faculty's educational and scientific-research activities' goal is to improve all levels of higher education and long-life learning and to encourage economic development based on knowledge.
The Faculty's mission includes the organisation and implementation of university undergraduate and graduate studies, with particular emphasis on the postgraduate level. Linking this with the region's economy will stimulate the transfer of knowledge and the application of research results in defining and developing an economy based on knowledge.

Faculty of Science Vision

The Faculty of Science at the University of Split is a scientific-research institution for higher education. The studies  at all levels due to their concept, excellence of teaching staff, and foundation on modern scientific achievements, attract not only students from Croatia, but also from the South-East and the whole  of Europe and further.
Due to the excellence of its scientific-research work, the Split Faculty of Science is a prestigious Croatian institution which is actively present in European research through its participation in international projects and professional gatherings.
The Faculty of Science at the University of Split is also a centre for scientific excellence, the scientific-research potential of which, through cooperation with economic subjects, is used to research new and develop existing high-technology products.
Personnel who gain their higher education qualification at this Faculty are completely equipped to carry out the work for which they have been trained. They are also capable of following the development of the profession by participating in long-life learning and are therefore highly sought after in the work force. This Faculty actively participates in implementing long-life learning for its students and other professionals in their respective areas of expertise.